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Mountain Gate Fun Run – Motorcycle Poker Run » How To Play

Drive along the windy ridges of Oklahoma and stop at unique locations and vistas along the way. Every player has a chance at the $1000 cash prizes, and other prizes.

  1. Each Player will have a Poker Run Stop sheet. This sheet is to be stamped by each business on the sheet.
  2. At the end of the stop the player will draw 5 cards. Each Player has the option to keep the hand they drew or discard cards and draw additional cards for $5.00 each to replace the ones discarded
  3. Player with highest 5 card poker hand wins, $700.00 2nd best hand wins $200.00 3rd best hand wins $100.00. Decisions are final upon ruling.

*All players are required to fill out a registration form and “Assumption of risk” form in order to participate.
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